My name is Charles W. Taylor, Jr. and I’m the creator of adifferentkindofstorybook.com. I established this ministry in June 2010 after suffering a relapse. You see, I was a 27-year cocaine addict 

during my middle years of life. After starting in the Fayette County Drug Court program in Lexington, KY in 2005, I graduated in 2008. They were tough years. Yet, after 23 months of living free, I allowed certain pressures in my life to overtake me. I CHOSE to surrender to my anger and disappointments and threw all my hard work away. 

     Several months later, when I came to myself, I realized fully what I had done. I was deeply disappointed with myself and determined to find out WHAT had just happened and WHY I made such a choice.

     I spoke to my mentor and friend, Dr. Paschal Baute, who encouraged me to write about the experience as a way of gaining understanding. Before I knew it, I’d written my first story, “Getting High; Why”? Since then, I have written more than 60 short stories about my journey. I have also written two children’s stories to reach folks in their early years – as well as their parents or care-givers. 

    All my stories are written with people in mind that don’t read well OR simply don’t like to read.  Whoever the reader, I write in hopes that the stories will inspire people to think. They are not 

history lessons, fairy tales or science fiction.      They are written around a message. I have, however, tried to make them entertaining as well as informative.

     After losing our mother in 2013, I asked my sisters, Clarice and Yvonne, to join me in growing my ministry. They agreed, and I believe it has helped us in our grieving. Both are my illustrators 

and Clarice is my editor. I am pleased to display their gifts and talents with my stories. I am also blessed to have Alan Dix, a talented web designer, on my team. Alan has been with me from the 

beginning, along with Lynn Wiseman, contributing his design and printing expertise, and Keith Richardson, a gifted sound designer.

     Dr. Baute and I have developed a program that we call “skin in the game”. We get people talking – even when they think they have nothing to say!       The response is always phenomenal. We have 

taken this ministry into our local county detention center where we have ministered to inmates for the past four years. Moreover, I have brought the ministry back to our local drug court program where I have been a volunteer for the past five years.

     In addition to bringing this ministry to our local Veteran’s Treatment Court Program, it’s been an honor to have been asked to read several of my stories at drug court graduation ceremonies.

     Recently, I was asked to bring adifferentkindofstorybook.com to an organization that works with troubled teenagers and their parents. The feelings that were shared were heart-rending and eye-opening. 

     I also lead a relapse recovery group for the participants of the Fayette County Drug Court Program. When they return from their jail sanction, they are mandated to attend my group for 6-8 

weeks. One of my favorite aspects is being able to empower the entire group to provide support to one another throughout each stage of their individual journeys.

     Through the power of the story we want to help victims of relapse search for the reason or reasons WHY they would throw way all their hard work and make the choice they did.  Something happened before they got high. The “IT”. We want them to talk about what led up to that decision. It’s a challenge, but definitely one worth taking!

     In fact, adifferentkindofstorybook.com has expanded to helping hurting people cope with grief and abuse.

     As you might imagine, I have had a lot to learn while traveling on my own journey. As I said earlier, I’ve been blessed to have wonderful and talented people on my team.

     In 2012 my goal was to sow the seeds of adifferentkindofstorybook.com. However, it took me a little longer than I had envisioned. I had to learn about public speaking, publishing and 

recording. I went through MANY sleepless nights and made plenty of mistakes along the way.  Still, there’s no giving up. In 2014 things began to take root and in 2015 I committed to caring for my 

fledgling ministry and ensuring it was on solid ground. My goal for 2016 is to take its fruit and make it as available as widely as possible. 

     Working with Keith, I have recorded some of my stories on CD’s, while I’ve published others. To date, I have published a dozen stories in six books: E.B. Meets The Lamb, a children’s Easter story, The Adventure of Bobby the Butterfly, also a children’s story this time a LIFE lesson of inspiration, perseverance and the power of friendship. It’s in a coloring book format for the whole family to enjoy together. Finally, there are Puppet Man, Checkmate, and volumes 1 and 2 of Four Short Spiritual Stories. All are available on amazon.com and at createspace.com. and follow us on Facebook: 

Charles W. Taylor, Jr. – storyteller

     I would really enjoy hearing from you. Just send an email to charleswtaylor@ymail.com. And please let me know how we can/could share this ministry with your organization.

     Your support of adifferentkindofstorybook.com allows us to continue reaching out to hurting people and helping them to navigate their journey to a safer path. A path to freedom.

Thank you!

Love & Peace.

Brother Charles