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We are pleased to announce our 8th publication:

My Dark Room - A book by Charles W. Taylor, Jr.

About My Dark Room

     One day as I was thanking God for where He has brought me from, I began wondering where I could have been if I hadn’t decided to follow the crowd and chose to indulge in drugs.

     I must admit that I began regretting that choice. I chose not to get stuck there in my thinking; instead, I chose to examine the WHY and the WHAT which enticed me into making that choice and locked me away for 27 years.

     I remembered the old saying, “fools rush in where wise men fear to go”; captivated my thinking. My Dark Room is my metaphoric interpretation of a possible consequence when we rush into an opportunity and don’t take the time to research it.

     There are some rooms we simply shouldn’t enter. I decided to preface my original story and add this story to it after experiencing an actual slave quarters in Kentucky.

     My friend Todd and I took many pictures and what I witnessed has impacted me greatly to this day! I was compelled to tell that story too. This book includes MANY of the pictures we took that day.


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