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The mission of my ministry is to help adults suffering from addiction, pain, and abuse. I have grown to include reaching out to our youth, where I am reading stories to them. Being an agent of HOPE, it is my hope that if I’m able to plant GOOD seeds in our youth—our future, today, when they’re 9, then maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to visit them when they’re in jail, prison, or drug court when they’re 29, 39, or 59.
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My name is Charles W. Taylor, Jr.

I want to offer people an alternative when they find themselves under attack and supply them with my ministry’s products as they pursue their NEW journey.

E.B. Meets the Lamb

I wrote this story for children to remind them of the REAL meaning of the season. I want them to know that there’s nothing wrong with E.B. — as long as we don’t exclude The Lamb.

The Adventure of Bobby the Butterfly

I wrote this story to help children realize the values of friendship, courage and trust. It is my hope that they will see how these values can help transform them into beautiful and strong adults.

Puppet Man

This is a story that shows how our lives can become out of balance when we lose control of our emotions.

About The Journey – adifferentkindofstorybook

My name is Charles W. Taylor, Jr. and I am a storyteller and the creator of The Journey adifferentkindofstorybook ministry. I established this ministry in June 2010 after suffering a relapse. I had been a 27-year cocaine addict during my middle years of life. In 2005 I was arrested and attended the Fayette County Drug Court program. I graduated in 2008 and, after 23 months of living free, I allowed pressures in my life to overtake me. I CHOSE to surrender to my anger and disappointments and threw all my hard work away.

When I came to myself several months later, I realized what I had done, and I was disappointed with myself. I was determined to find out WHAT just happened and WHY I would make such a choice.

I spoke to my mentor and friend, Dr. Paschal Baute, who encouraged me to write about the experience. I wrote my first story, “Getting High, Why? Since then I have written over 60 short stories. READ MORE

Charles W. Taylor, Jr.
Love & Peace

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