My name is Charles W. Taylor, Jr.

I am a storyteller and the creator of The Journey adifferentkindofstorybook ministry. I established this ministry in June 2010 after suffering a relapse. I had been a 27-year cocaine addict during my middle years of life. In 2005 I was arrested and attended the Fayette County Drug Court program. I graduated in 2008 and, after 23 months of living free, I allowed pressures in my life to overtake me. I CHOSE to surrender to my anger and disappointments and threw all my hard work away.

When I came to myself several months later, I realized what I had done, and I was disappointed with myself. I was determined to find out WHAT just happened and WHY I would make such a choice.

I spoke to my mentor and friend, Dr. Paschal Baute, who encouraged me to write about the experience. I wrote my first story, “Getting High, Why? Since then I have written over 60 short stories.

Together, Dr. Baute and I have developed a program that we call “skin in the game.” We have created two decks of picture cards that represent emotions. After reading one of my stories to the group, we spread out the cards and ask the participants to choose two different cards. We then go around the room and ask each participant why they chose those particular cards. The response is always phenomenal! We have taken this ministry into our local county detention center where we have ministered to inmates for four years. I have also brought my ministry back to our local drug court program where I have been a volunteer since 2010.


I have been honored to have been asked to read several of my stories at past drug court graduation ceremonies. I have also been a volunteer at neighboring county’s detention center for over a year and a half. I have taken my ministry to an organization that works with troubled children and their parents. The feelings that were shared were heart- and eye-opening. We get people talking!

I was invited to be part of a panel at a Kentucky Specialty Courts Conference in August 2017. I have spoken to church groups and have been the guest speaker, twice, at the Department of Community and Leadership Development class at The University of Kentucky. I am a veteran, and I have had the honor of speaking three times at the VA Blind Veteran’s group in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Journey is only one ingredient in the war against addiction—ANY ADDICTION! My goal is to help hurting people find “IT.” I don’t dwell on the effect; instead, I help the participants recognize and locate the cause! I endeavor to help suffering people take back control of their lives. I want to help them talk TO their “IT,” instead of “IT” talking to them! I want them to recognize “IT” early, before “IT” has the opportunity to overtake them again!

I named my ministry The Journeyadifferentkindofstorybook because this walk of freedom is for the rest of our lives. I don’t write fairy tales, science fiction or novels. I write stories about us. I use metaphors and large fonts so they are relatable and easy to read. My approach to helping suffering people is different, and I minister to people from experience and gratitude through the POWER of STORYTELLING!

My ministry began with a focus on addiction, but over the years I have ventured into pain and abuse as well.

Many of the people I reach out to have some issue with reading. Many don’t read well. Many don’t like to read. Some have vision impairments, and some are just starting to read.

I want everyone to be able to read my stories and hopefully enjoy them as well as receive something positive from them. I also have CDs available of many of my stories for your listening pleasure.

Please look for us at: adifferentkindofstorybook.com and follow us on Facebook: Charles W. Taylor, Jr. – storyteller.

My email address is [email protected].

I would really enjoy sharing my ministry with your organization.

Thank You.

Love & Peace,
Brother Charles