So Long 2017

by | Dec 31, 2017

When I was a MUCH younger man, I played several sports. I was tall, thin and fast, so I ran a little track and field. I ran the 100-yard dash and the 400-yard relay race. Back in those days we measured the distances in yards! (smile)

2017 presented many new opportunities for me. Several blessings and a few trials. As I viewed in the rear-view mirror of my journey, I noticed that a couple of the people who have been with me for many years have moved on. In some instances, I don’t know why they moved on, but it has allowed me to get a glimpse of how I’ve grown. I have CHOSEN not to get bitter or mad. No, I have chosen to look for the positive.

While looking there, the image of that 400-yard relay race rose up in my spirit. As I chewed on it for a while, I remembered that each participant of the race had a specific job to do. Their job was to run and carry the baton for 100 yards and then pass it to their awaiting teammate. Their job was to run and carry the baton the next 100 yards and pass it on again. After seeing all four runners in my mind, I realized that not everyone who comes into our lives is supposed to stay with us for life. Some are only supposed to take us for a season!

When they have fulfilled their purpose, they pass us on to the next person/persons who I believe The Lord has waiting for us. They will fulfill their task and pass us on towards the finish line! I believe that if we have the right attitude, we will cross the finish line in due season.

I believe that ATTITUDE determines ALTITUDE!

I thank ALL who have been a part of my journey. All who have helped bring me this far. I am also thankful for the NEW people who I believe The Lord has brought and will continue to bring into my life as I grow and go forward.

Going into 2018, I have an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE.

Happy New Year!!!

Love & Peace,
Brother Charles