New Video

Paradise Place video post   Hello Facebook family and friends,                 I’d like to invite you to watch my new video, Paradise Place, which has been produced by my friend/producer Keith Richardson at McGProductions@Double “K” Studios
100 years ago today

100 years ago today

100 years ago, today Today, 100 years ago, Charles W. Taylor, Sr. was born. He lived thru some very hard times, but he never taught us to hate. He believed in The Lord and 5 years ago, at age 95 he passed. He decided at age 90 that he wasn’t going to cut his hair any...

True Hero’s July 4th, 2020

True Hero’s! July 4th, 2020 Just finished watching, “Glory”. Being from Massachusetts, it has a special place in my heart and I NEVER watch it without wearing my cap. They fought and died for The United States of America. R.I.P. 54th! NEVER GIVE UP! Love & Peace...