It’s already February and so far, the weather across the country has been extreme. I hope you’re all safe and warm. If you find yourself staying closer to home, I’d like to invite you to visit my website: I’ve posted 15 videos and 18 audios of stories that I’ve written. I don’t write Sci-Fi, Fairy Tales, or about Superheroes. No, I write stories about real life, such as “The Power of An Encouraging Word”,  “Checkmate”, and “Bobby the Butterfly”. I want to pour out GOOD stuff: especially into our kids – into our future!

     As part of my program, The Journey – adifferentkindofstorybook, I’m currently reading my stories to two 3rd grade classes, a 5th grade class, to the residents at an adult daycare center, and to an addiction recovery group. I read a different story each week depending upon the audience. It all began with a story I wrote 13 plus years ago. Now I have more than 70 short stories and I’ve published 13 books!  They reflect what I’ve learned on my life’s journey and my goal is to encourage, inspire, and help others – to bring them HOPE. That’s what adifferentkindofstorybook is all about. I hope you’ll visit the site and find a story that you can relate to – to see if you see yourself, or someone you know and love, in the story.

                                                                      There is POWER in the story!



Love & Peace