The 4th Quarter 12/31/19

by | Dec 31, 2019

It pertains to a variety of things in a variety of venues, such as sports, finance and time. I have chosen to complete several life changing situations before I enter into the year 2020.

                I’m not seeking sympathy, or trying to be overly dramatic, no, I feel it’s time for me to take better care of myself and get back to work. Each situation affected me in a different way. Some caused me emotional pain, while others caused me physical pain. The good news, to me, is that my spirit has never wavered. I have no doubt that is why I’m able to go through my pain and continue moving forward.

                The past two years I have CHOSEN to take care of a couple of other peoples needs and wants above my own. It wasn’t because I’m such a wonderful guy, no, I CHOSE to be there for them, as they have been there for me, and due to their needs. Period! Many of my goals, needs and wants were placed on the back burner. Again, nobody forced me to.

                I made a promise to God and to myself that once these people were stable that I would move on. Well, their situations have done just that. They both have become stable and in October, I began the changes in and for my life. They’ve been difficult, at times, but necessary. NO REGRETS!

                I’m facing them, and being “a list guy”, I’m checking them off one by one. I have no doubt that on the other side of this transition period, I’ll be stronger, free and ready for new opportunities in 2020. I’m looking forward to growing and developing my ministry/organization to new heights.

                “Lord, while you’re growing me, please keep me humble, but give me the guts to try”.

Stay tuned! (smile)


Love & Peace.


Happy New Year!