Never Give Up!


“Lord, while you’re growing me, please keep me humble, but give me the guts to try!” Who says you can’t teach an ­older dog new tricks? (smile) I met a woman a few weeks ago who operates a drug rehabilitation center here in Lexington.

We spoke for about twenty minutes and during that time I was able to tell her about my ministry. She told me that my ministry was just what they were looking for. I was honored. Then she asked me if I was certified as a peer support specialist. Certified? She told me that she couldn’t hire me unless I was and that after ten years of volunteering, it was time for me to get paid. Hmm!

She gave me the name and phone number of the organization where I could get certified. I thanked her and went on my way. The next day I called to inquire. They offered a one-week course, and the next class was in two weeks. The people were very friendly and encouraging, especially after I told them that I just turned 68 years old and haven’t been in school for nearly 50 years. (smile)

The course was from 9AM-4PM, Monday thru Friday, online via Zoom. I’d never heard of Zoom! They offered me a half-off scholarship, which I thought was great, so I said YES! I must admit, I was very nervous about this new opportunity, but like my pastor told me when I was invited to be part of an addiction curriculum last year, “If The Lord puts you at the table, then you’re supposed to be there, so pull up to the table and eat!”

Since I don’t believe in coincidence, I prayed for the guts to try AND to succeed. The course had a lot of reading, memorizing charts, graphs, theories and processes—and a test at the end! It also taught me a great deal of new information and it validated all the work I’ve put into developing and growing my ministry over the past ten years.

I’m NOT sharing this with you to brag; no, it’s to shine a light on my opening prayer at the beginning of this story.

I am now a certified Peer Support Specialist!

Ain’t God good?


Love & Peace,

Brother Charles