Hello, Facebook family and friends,

Resurrection Sunday/Easter is less than a month away. I’d like to introduce you to my first published storybook, E.B. Meets the Lamb, which I wrote back in 2012. It is one of my two published children’s books.

After the passing of our mom in 2013, our family was in severe pain. Those of you who have lost a loved one know that pain. We needed something to help relieve some of it. I remembered that both of my sisters could draw, so I asked them if they would help me prepare E.B. for publishing. I hoped it would help us. I believe it did! They created the illustrations for the story. Yvonne created E.B. and the snake, while Clarice created The Lamb and the crowd. Yes, I’m bragging on them! Together we published E.B. Meets The Lamb. (smile)

      I wrote this story after noticing all the chocolate Easter bunnies, candy eggs and Easter bunny commercials that were being advertised. I noticed that the TRUE meaning of Easter was never mentioned. 

     I remember thinking to myself, “Where’s the Lord?”

     I wrote this story for children to remind them of the REAL meaning of the season. I want them to know that there is nothing wrong with E.B., as long as we don’t exclude The Lamb.

E.B. Meets the Lamb is available on Amazon, but for your convenience, you can order the story directly from my website: adifferentkindofstorybook.com.


Thank you for your support.