Focus                    May 2021

            Has this ever happened to you? You’re asked to sing a song, read a poem, tell a story or preach to a group of people. The group consists of ten people. When your recital is complete, nine people approach you and have great things to say to and about you, but the ONE who has something negative to say is the one that keeps you up that night… Why is that?

            Why is it that so many people get hung up on the messenger and ignore the message? Instead of supporting the person, they’re too busy tearing the person down. They focus on what the messenger is wearing or how they look and ignore the message completely…Why is that?

            Living in the past. How will people ever go forward if they’re constantly looking back?

            People who focus on what they DON’T have, instead of what they DO have.

            I recently attended the funeral of a dear friend of mine. She was loved by many, so the service was well attended. Initially, the expected mourning took place. Visitors paid their respects to her and her family, while friends consoled one another.

            As you might imagine, a spirit of sadness and grief filled the sanctuary. Tears were flowing from both men and women. As the service began, the pastor and different family members spoke of her importance in their lives. As more and more people testified about her lovingkindness, the moaning shifted to laughter – even a few amens. (smile) Those tears of sadness were now tears of joy and gladness.          Where is our focus?

What we FOCUS on can greatly influence our behavior.   Just a thought.

NEVER GIVE UP!                                                                                                                         Love & Peace,