Why I Write

                                     September 11th,  2021

         I write my stories for all to read, but especially for those who don’t read well, and consequently, don’t like to read. There are plenty of books for those who love to read, but for those of us, for whatever reason, struggle with a 50-to-200-page book with tiny print, I want to offer an alternative.

         I want children, adults and the elderly to be able to get comfortable, read a good story and not have to take a week, or more, to finish it. (smile) That is why I’ve recorded many of my stories and I’m going to pursue that track into the future. I want to give people the option of putting up their feet and listen as I tell them a story.

         Our country is feeling DEEP pain from the pandemic and the 20- year anniversary of September 11th, 2001. Suicides are up, over doses are up and anger is WAY up across our nation.

The Journey-adifferentkindofstorybook has been, and still is, about bringing HOPE to suffering people.

        It’s easy to fall into a hole, but it takes serious effort and determination to climb out on your own! I created this ministry to be a helping hand to those who want to get out and find some degree of PEACE in their lives. 

         I have written more than 70 short stories and I don’t intend to publish all of them. I have, however, published 38 of them. I hope you’ll take some time and listen, or read some of them. Perhaps, you’ll see yourself or someone you know or love in the story.

         I’ve always said that I’m not smart enough to build my ministry on my own. I’m only God’s pen. He puts them in my heart and I put them on paper, or record them.

       Please visit: adifferentkindofstorybook.com and click on the BOOKS tab to view my published books. Click on the AUDIO tab to listen to several of my recorded stories. Click the STORYTIME tab to watch them. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

We are The Journey-adifferentkindofstorybook.


       Love & Peace,

       Brother Charles