Hello friends,                            

                This past Tuesday, I was invited to bring my program to a group of, approximately, 20 men and women at one of the two DV8 Kitchens here in Lexington, KY.

                The participants were ALL employees from both locations and are active in their RECOVERY from addiction. In fact, the owner, Rob Perez, ONLY hires people who are. While schools are reluctant to allow outsiders to come in, yet, I must admit, I’ve missed it, so this opportunity to get back on the trail and share one of my stories with the group felt great!

                I encourage you to support Rob and what he’s doing at DV8 Kitchens. I hope to do it again.


NEVER GIVE UP!                                        Brother Charles


P.S. The FULL story will be coming soon, so stay tuned. (smile)