A few years ago, we had an event for the children at Greater Liberty Missionary Baptist Church. A friend of a friend asked one of my friends if he had seen me. He responded, “he’s the big kid playing with the little kids”. As you can tell, I’ve never forgotten that. (smile)

                Last week I had the opportunity and privilege to read one of my original stories to a group of 2nd graders at the William Wells Brown Elementary school, here in Lexington, KY. I have read stories to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders the entire 2022-2023 school year. I’ve also read to 5th graders at Cardinal Valley Elementary school this year.

                My stories are meant to plant GOOD seeds in these kids. I want to be an alternative to the junk they are bombarded with constantly. I want to reach them BEFORE they take a bite of the apple, so to speak. I know from experience how difficult it can be to stop doing something that you enjoy, even if it’s harmful in the long run.

                My program is intended to be educational and entertaining – audio and video, as a friend once said (Andy). I prepare questions that I ask after the story and I’m always amazed at the kids’ responses.  “THEY’RE GETTING IT!” (smile)

                TV, the internet and games are loaded with sex, violence and horror. This is what society is feeding our children. As a result of a faulty foundation, suicide and gun violence are out of control! My purpose is to show them that there is another way – A BETTER WAY! I not only bring a message through my stories; I also bring a message by the way I present myself. That’s right. In the old days (smile) we believed it was away to convey character.

                My stories are about who they are hanging around with. Not to be afraid to ask for help and to be KIND! I strive to give them HOPE. The Journey-adifferentkindofstorybook is about LOVE and PEACE. I feed them with that!

                In the weeks to come, I’ll be showing you more pictures of the journey of my program. It’s about more than what comes out of my mouth. It’s also about my HANDS and FEET – what my hands are DOING and where my feet are GOING.

I’m hoping to be able to bring my program to a couple more schools in the 2023-2024 school year. I’ll keep you posted.                Thank you for your continued support!    NEVER GIVE UP!                                          

Love & Peace,

Brother Charles