A funny thing happened

by | Sep 4, 2017

Earlier today four of our church brothers got together to do some clean up around our church. This coming weekend is the Roots and Heritage Festival here in Lexington. The festivities passes by our church, so we will have a display set up for the community to come and visit. The three men and I are over fifty years old, so we were working hard getting the job done. Slow and steady! The emphasis on SLOW!!!(smile) We got it done though!

Here’s the funny part. We were about half way thru the clean up when a police car turned the corner and pulled over where we were working. The officer got out and went to the trunk of his car and opened it. I asked him if there was anything wrong. He said he saw us working and remembered he had some bottled water in his trunk and offered it to us. WE FELL OUT! First thing one of the brothers said was that he was getting ready to run! We all said, pretty much the same thing. We all had a wonderful laugh, even the police officer. Besides, all of us are too old to do any running any more. (smile)

We all found it interesting, however, that our first instinct was that we had done something wrong. There might be a story in that. I wrote this post because the police officer was white and the four of us were black. I believe we need MORE kind acts like this every day and everywhere! Kindness knows NO color. I want to share some good news with you today from adifferentkindofstorybook.com.

Love & Peace