Healing – The new offer from The Journey

by | Feb 28, 2018

My family lost our mom on October 20, 2013. Our family was spread out over hundreds of miles, so our only means of condolence was via telephone. Mom had moved to Lexington, Kentucky, with me right after the turn of the century, and we became BEST friends. When she passed, I was devastated. The hole in my soul was excruciating!

In early 2014, while sitting in my grief, an idea rose up in my spirit. I remembered that my sisters, Clarice and Yvonne, were very talented artists. Easter was a couple of months away, so I asked them to add illustrations to my children’s story, “E.B. Meets the Lamb.” I had promised my mother to bring our family closer together, and I hoped this endeavor would also be a way to help us heal. I believe the project did just that! It brought our individual gifts and talents together as ONE. It was our family’s first project together and my first published book. We have gone on to do several other projects, and I believe there will be more to come.

About E.B. Meets the Lamb

A few years ago, my pastor challenged me to write a children’s Easter story to read during our Easter service. I’ll never forget that he proposed this idea to me on the Thursday afternoon before Easter Sunday. I tried to explain to him why I couldn’t do it, but then he made it into a challenge. I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, so I finally agreed to try.

I wrote this story after noticing all the advertisements for chocolate Easter bunnies, candy eggs, and the Easter Bunny commercials.  I noticed that the TRUE meaning of Easter was never mentioned. I remember thinking to myself, “Where’s the Lord?” I wrote this story for children to remind them of the REAL meaning of the season. I want them to know that there’s nothing wrong with E.B.—as long as we don’t exclude The Lamb.

I prayed about it that night, and the next evening I began to write. I called Pastor Hobson on Saturday afternoon and told him I was ready. The next day, on Easter Sunday, we called all the children to come down to the front of the sanctuary and I read “E.B. Meets the Lamb.”
I was surprised at how well they understood and enjoyed it. I’ve always said that “I’m not smart enough to have written these stories by myself. I’m blessed to be God’s pen.”

I hope you and your loved ones enjoy this story too.

Love & Peace,
Brother Charles