1. Letter to Dad                 A Childhood Memory

     One of the most, if not THE most memorable moments that I have of you Dad was later in our lives. In fact, it was the last time we saw each other face to face. It’s important to me for two major reasons.

The First reason is that I had been arrested, three years earlier, on a drug possession charge and I chose to go into drug court, instead of simply serving time in jail. After three LONG and hard years, I was finally ready to graduate. When I informed you that I was going to graduate, you told me on the phone that you wanted to be there. I was honored!

I remember that you were about 85 years old and that you boarded a Greyhound bus from Framingham, Ma. and you rode 19 hours on a bus to be with me in Lexington, KY. The fact that you put yourself through such an ordeal, spoke volumes to me, Dad! I felt important to you. I felt that you were proud of me and you wanted to stand by my side. I FELT SPECIAL, but the moment was even more special to me. That’s why I’m writing this story about it.

The SECOND reason that this event was and still is SO special to me is because while you were visiting with me, one night, before we went to sleep AND before you had to make that LONG return bus trip home, we were sitting on my porch. I remember that it was a beautiful night. The Jar Flies were chirping in the trees and there was a nice breeze blowing. We were talking about different things from the past. I remember that EVERY time we mentioned or thanked God that the wind would pick up and that beautiful breeze would blow across the porch. We even commented on it. Do you remember? I do!

The memory that you remembered and reminded me of, still to this day, blows my mind, warms my heart and brings a HUGE smile to my face. You told me that I was playing baseball in the Little League. I don’t remember if you said that I started the game, pitching, or if I was brought in in relief. What I do remember is that you told me that the bases were loaded and there were no outs and I struck out the next THREE batters. You told me how proud of me you were. I couldn’t believe that you still remembered that day after forty years. Forty YEARS! That to me was special and made me feel equally special. My dad remembered that day. WOW! I’m smiling right now as I’m writing this.

     Everyone who I have told this story to always says the same thing. “He remembered that after all of these years”? With a HUGE smile on my face, I always answer, YES HE DID! The fact that they all realize how special that moment was and IS, makes it that much more special to me.

This letter, this story, is to let you know just how special YOU ARE TO ME!

Happy 91st Birthday Dad

Thanks for Everything!

All My Love,

Charles William Taylor, Jr.


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