Lately, a person’s mental health has become a major issue, HOWEVER, it’s not new. The Journey-adifferentkindofstorybook has always been about helping hurting people to find the cause of a situation, the root of the problem and provide an opportunity to discuss it.

            The stories in my 9th and 10th books are directed at helping people locate, identify and talk about the thing that has dominion over their daily life-the thing that has and may still be causing so much pain and destruction if a person’s life.

            My new story, “A River Named Flo”, addresses the possibilities of what might happen if we keep our hurt and pain locked away inside of us.

            I recorded it for listening pleasure. I hope you will take a few minutes and listen while I tell you about “A River Named Flo”. It is my hope that you will visit and click the AUDIO tab and listen to and click STORYTIME tab and watch some of my other stories.

            My program has always been, and always will be about helping suffering people and your support helps me continue spreading HOPE.


Thank you for your support!


Love & Peace,

Brother Charles

I hope you’ll take a few minutes and let me tell you my new story.

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