My Dark Room

       How do you picture sadness, loneliness, or depression? When you find yourself constantly alone, both emotionally or physically, where does your mind go? When you have no one to talk with, or you just don’t feel like talking, where does your mind go?

I wrote “My Dark Room”, because for nearly three decades, I found myself in a dark room. It was a dark room in my mind.

Back in “the day”, a group called The Eagles, had a number one song called, “Take It to the Limit”, and a particular verse in the song grabbed ahold of my spirit. The song writer said, “And when you’re looking for your freedom and nobody seems to care and you CAN’T find the door and you can’t find it anywhere.”

I have referred to that verse in my addiction and recovery groups for over a decade. Wait, it gets better. One day I was helping a friend of mine do some work at a customer’s home of his. It actually had a slave’s quarters dwelling on the property. I was shocked!

After experiencing an actual slave-quarters in Kentucky, I decided to preference my original story with this one.

My friend Todd Keys and I took many pictures and what I witnessed that day has impacted me to this day. This book includes many of the pictures we took that day.

You’ll have to buy the book to read and see what happened next. I hope you will.


Love & Peace,

Brother Charles